Therapies (not for the foreigners – it’s necessary to meet in person)

After years of experiences with my clients and also with experiences from my job in children’s psychiatric clinic I came to conclusion how could I help people meaningfully. There are multiple ways.

Firstly I offer therapy by view in genetic (life) settings of human. I can help my clients with finding out their own genetic settings. I introduce them their individual genetic patterns (not the learned patterns). Secondly we continue with emotional therapy. Emotional therapy proceed in laying position. Client gets into a position where he can better relax and open to himself through me as the guide. Due to I know the therapy can meaningfully help if is consinted of getting client to pleasant enviroment, to gain client’s trust, to connect to a person who is energeticaly suitable for client. Countrariwise therapeutist view into the client, into his genetic (life) settings.

If you have health problems, they are always connected to your genetic settings, your life attitude, how you experience your emetions and stress. Thereafter they appears in your body.

Do you have backache, allergy, asthma, jointache, migraine, gynecological problems, diabetes, multiple sclerosis, eczema, psoriasis, frequent virosis or angina, sweating a lot, being obese or losing weight, having psychic problems, depression, anxiety, panic disorder, low energy, are you tired, are you failing in realitonships, marriage, are you having problems with your children or parents or colleagues in your job? Just you feel sick, dissatisfied or in dead end? Do you have a doctor’s diagnosis?

To get rid of your troubles you have to unfasten yourself and view inside from all sides. We have to solve our problems as whole. For finding out your genetic setting I need to know your date, time and place of birth.

Every problem (shadow) needs to be disassembled, named, allow it to exist, accepted it. Then you need looked at the problem as a challenge to do something about it. We need to understand ourselves and this can be seen by looking at the genetic settings.

Price: 80 USD/70 € per hour

Internet consultant service

The best consulting is personaly, face to face. But if people are from far, I can help this way.

Because I’m getting many questins by Facebook, phone or e-mail. I advise for free somebody, if I feel it. But it is my job and every advise takes a lot of my time to reply for one question. If you are interested in my work your can use my internet consultant service.

If you are having problems (health, relationships, children, job etc.) I can help you by view in your personal genetic (life) setting, your genetic behavior pattens writen in you DNA.

What I need to know?

  • your serious question – send by e-mail to or my Facebook
  • your exact birthday date, time and place – if you don’t know exact time, let me know at least if it was morning, afternoon or night
  • let me know who is person you ask to – husband, wife, grany, boyfriend, children etc.
  • after accept of questing I send you payment in advance request
  • you can pay me by PayPal or direct to my bank account
  • after few days I send you my reply to your e-mail of Facebook
  • if I would have more questins than I can reply in time, I let you know
  • I can refuse to reply your question, it is on my decision

I’m looking forward to your questions!


Price: 80 USD/70 € per hour