Welcome to my web!

My name is Dana Hiclová. I am mother of two adult children and wife of my husband Pavel Hicl, ambasador and translation’s partner of Gene Keys. We live in Pardubice, it’s regional town in the Czech Republic. I work as therapist, masseur and consultant.

My work helps my clients every day with their problems (emotional, physicals, health, relationships – partner, parents, children etc.) – in person, but also online (chat, videocall).

Me and my husband sometimes hold a lections or seminars at a esoteric festivals or our establishment. We also record lecture or thematic videos – freely avaible on YouTube. (web’s main menu -> item – „Videa“). – Unfortunately without ENG subs.

Also you can visit my Facebook page – „Terapeutka Dana Hiclová“ – avaible in the right sidebar or my personal Facebook – „Dana Hiclová“.